George Bavin

George was born in Katanninng in 1915. He started his schooling in Tambellup and went to various schools in the Wheatbelt before going to college at New Norcia for a year. When the Depression broke out, his family purchased a farm in Denmark, Western Australia. George served in WWII as a reinforcement for the 2/16th Batallion and returned home in 1942. He would come to work for Boans Department Store.

Listen to George speak Armistice Day and the ceremony that took place around the Boans Roll of Honour.

The image above is from the Western Mail, Friday 3 November 1916. The accompanying newspaper article states:

“The honour board recently erected by Messrs. Boan Bros., containing the names of 100 of the firm’s employees, who have enlisted for active service, is an artistic and beautifully designed piece of work. It is designed to accommodate some 150 names on two highly polished tablets of jarrah. These are surrounded by a very massive frame, at the base of which are erected two handsomely carved trusses, supporting two heavy fluted columns, each carrying a richly carved ionic capital. Above this is constructed a very massive moulded canopy and frieze, on which are the words, in large black gilded letters, ‘For King and Country’. Added to this canopy is a pediment of a very massive nature, embellished by fine emblematical carvings representing the Union Jack and Australian flags; pyramid, encircled with a wreath of laurel and other martial emblems, in front of which is a carved shield bearing the words in black gilded letters ‘Roll of Honour’. Below the tablet are the words ‘Employees of Boan Bros. who have volunteered for active service’ in gold letters. The whole is a very incredible piece of workmanship, executed by Mr G Stirzaker, of the West Perth Cabinet Works. The writing is by Meston and Walters. The board in all weighs over one ton, and has been hung in a prominent position on the ground floor, near the Government Savings Bank”

Photograph above – Boans Dining Room, 1912. City of Perth History Centre Collection.

Access the transcript here: BAVIN

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