Alan Barton

Alan Barton was born in 1930 and grew up in South Perth. His father was a fireman at the Perth Central Fire Station and Alan can recall the station as a young boy.

Alan’s father was also a business owner and in this extract Alan speaks about the tuck shop that his father owned on Wellington Street in 1945. Perth Girls’ School students would visit the shop and an assortment of food goods could be purchased.

Below are some newspaper articles showcasing the food goods and stores that Alan mentions. What were (or they may still be!) your favourite treats to buy from the tuck shop or corner store?

Access the transcript here: BARTON


  • Mills and Wares biscuits, Westralian Worker, 25 Oct 1940
  • Plaistowe's New World Bar, Westralian Worker, 20 Sept 1929
  • Lumpers Picnic, Daily News, 23 Feb 1944
  • Peters Ice Cream, Daily News, 6 Oct 1937
  • Peters Ice Cream, Toodyay Herald, 2 Mar 1945
  • Charlie Carter's, Sunday Times, 30 March 1941

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