Lorna Anderson

Lorna Anderson was born in Kalgoorlie in 1926 and her family moved to Perth in 1928. Lorna took a night class at Perth Technical College in the art of photographic colouring and on completion of her studies gained employment at Harrison’s Photographic Studio (formerly situated in Murray Street).

Listen to Lorna speak of her work experience in the photographic studio during WWII.

Below are photographs of Lorna and the women who worked at Harrison’s and also portraits of servicewomen; taken by the studio and published in the Sunday Times in 1941.

Photographs – Donated to the City of Perth History Centre by Lorna Anderson.

Access the transcript here: ANDERSON

  • Reg Harrison and girls working
  • Lorna right of back row with American customer
  • Lorna Anderson (nee  Bennett) 1945
  • Harrison's girls (Lorna back left)
  • 23 Feb 1941 Sunday Times
  • 27 April 1941 Sunday Times

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