Isa Fellows

Isa was born in Harvey in 1924 and spent her early childhood years in Yarloop. The family moved to Leederville when Isa was age 10 and she attended Leederville Primary School. Isa was awarded a scholarship to Hartills Commercial College where she learnt shorthand/typing, bookkeeping, duplicating and how to operate a comptometer and ledger machine. Isa served for the Australian Army and she would go on to be Secretary to Lord Mayors Sir Harry Howard, Charles Veryard, Sir Thomas Wardle and Sir Ernest Lee Steere.

Listen to Isa speak about her service in the Army’s Records Department, Arundel Hall, orphans, war preparations in Perth and how she was to respond to an air-raid warning.

Air-raid shelter on the corner of Wellington Street and Forrest Place, 1942.

Click here to read the article that accompanied this headline in the Sunday Times on 19 August 1945.

Read this depiction of the orphanage, bought to you by the Sunday Times on 12 December 1937.

Photograph above – Arundel Hall, n.d. Donated to the City of Perth History Centre by Greg Woodward.

Access the transcript here: FELLOWS

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