Sanctuaries : the parks and gardens of central Perth


Ever wondered about the name of a park or when it was established in the City? Well then…take a look at this new publication produced by the City’s Parks & Gardens team – Sanctuaries: the parks and gardens of central Perth. It’s filled with stunning photographs, historical facts and much much more. Read it online or download your own PDF copy to keep.

There’s also more information over on the City’s webpage and a Parks & Gardens Heritage Trail that you could download and check out this weekend.


3 thoughts on “Sanctuaries : the parks and gardens of central Perth

  1. Hi I can view this lovely book on youpublisher as you have in your link, but can’t see the PDF format. Can you please post that link? Thanks! Jenny

    • Hello Jenny

      Thank you for your message. Once you have opened the book in youpublisher, there should be an icon in the bottom right hand corner (horizontal square bracket and downward arrow). If you click on this, it should prompt you and ask whether you want to open or save the book as a pdf.

      If you are unable to download the pdf, please send the History Centre an email:

      Kind regards
      Assistant History Librarian

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