What’s in a photo? Blog comp #4

Here it is! The final photograph for our blog competition.

Do you know where this bridge is?
What building is being constructed in the background?
Can you place a date on the image?
What type and model are the cars?
What route did tram #18 and #21 take?

5 thoughts on “What’s in a photo? Blog comp #4

  1. I guess you would call it the Beaufort Street Bridge. It goes over the railway line from Wellington Street to Roe Street where Barrack Street becomes Beaufort Street. The building under construction is the new Imperial Hotel at 415 Wellington Street which dates this photo from mid to late 1929.

  2. According to Trove (The West Australian 25 July 1929) the Vehicle Reg No 17017 was issued to C Stainsbury of Milligan St Perth and is a DeSoto Sedan

  3. I recall the bridge being referred to as the Barrack st bridge.
    Time frame late 20’s early 30’s.
    I read in trove around the early 30’s one year there were 450 incidents/ crashes with trams, looking at this pic with cars, trams, horse & cart, pedestrians and afternoon sun, it must be rush hour.
    Some men look like they are on their way to lodge meetings with their small cases. The No. 18 tram route included the inglewood primary sch, Normandy St. according to a newspaper article.

  4. I believe that it was called Beaufort St bridge although it was straight on to Barrack St. The building mid-picture is the “C” Signal Box, it had about 80 Levers to control Signals, Points, and Pt-Locks. On the under side was a system of circular and linear labyrinth like keys to assist the Signalman not to make a mistake. Over the road on the corner of Barrack and Wellington St’s was Trouchey’s Chemist who according to my Dad, made a splendid “Corn-Cure Paste”. Stirling St is behind us where the Tram terminus for Maylands route used to leave from via Lord St and subway.

  5. What building is being constructed in the background?
    Imperial Hotel 415 Wellington Street, the old one was demolished 1929 and constructed building (shown) completed around 1930.

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